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Why Do I Need Personal Protection Products?

Everyday I read and see stories about people affected by violent acts. Many of these could be prevented with numerous methods. Guns have proven to be a deterrent to crime, but many people are very uncomfortable around guns. So what other methods can we use to protect ourselves? The answer is simple, non-lethal personal protection products, such as pepper spray and stun guns. These can easily disable an attacker and allow you to get away from a bad situation without the complications of using a gun. Pepper spray will temporarily blind an attacker and shift their focus away from you. Tasers and stun guns have a different effect, temporarily disabling an attacker using an electrical shock. If you’re reluctant to carry a gun but still would like to protect yourself, these are great options. Check out our selection of pepper spray, stun guns and tasers here:

Pepper Spray

Stun Guns

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